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Kenetrek boots are pretty sweet. Got a pair of 400 mountain extremes this summer and put about 25-30 miles on them to break in and then this fall they were great. They were comfortable from the first time I put them on. The sole has unbelievable traction compared the the danners I was using before. Not sure on weight compared to other boots but they feel great on. Best boot I have ever owned.
Boots are a purpose built sort of thing. "Warmest" and "most comfortable for miles" are probably not even in the same conversation. A bit of insight on what type of terrain, temperatures, miles, time of year, general location is all helpful information when selecting a good boot. A Missouri fall whitetail hunt and a BC late fall sheep hunt will probably not be geared the same.
For the hiking part of the question I'll go with my Salomon Quest 4DGTX hands down. They are supportive and incredibly comfortable. Are they warm,....while I'm hiking and after I've stopped for an hour, yes. Are they for wearing while sitting in a tree stand in 20 degrees, no.

Dirty Steve
I have had a lot of problems with my feed but the Schee's Beartooths are the most comfortable and forgiving boot I have ever worn.
I got some Crispi on a Black Friday sale. I am well pleased with them. I previously had some Miendl Alaskan Guide boots for many years and I liked them as well.
I absolutely love the Crispi Nevada GTX boots. Best comfort out of the box I have had in a boot. I have the insulated version and have used them deer hunting sitting on a stand all day and while elk hunting in Colorado.
I have had a lot of problems with my feed but the Schee's Beartooths are the most comfortable and forgiving boot I have ever worn.

I’m also looking at the Insulated Beartooth, and the Granite Extreme. What made you choose the Beartooth?
I just got a used pair off of eBay. They are from kenetrek and look really good. I posted earlier that I had the 400's and the ones I got from eBay are non insulated. $200 less than new and they look almost new.
This thing about boots is very individual. All I wore for years were Danners. Started having trouble, started trying other brands. You couldn't give me a pair of Meindals. They work for quite a few people however. The Zamberlans I tried are saved for wood cutting.
As others have said, go to a store that gives you lots of options to try. I really didn't know how well the Kenetreks worked for me until elk season was over, 8 years ago. If you try a high end boot and aren't really noticing improvement in how your feet and legs feel, you probably need to try a different brand next time.
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