Best way to clean EXTREMELY muddy boots


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Apr 1, 2016
My boys and I just finished a few days of turkey hunting and our leather boots are utterly caked in dried on mud. Was wondering besides saddle soap, warm water and a boot brush is there a better way to removes the mud and not damage the leather.

Garden hose let dry naturally no heat, conditioner, polish, edge dressing.For really heavy mud soft bristle brush.Sorry I missed the dry mud part fallow @348 fan advice then wash as neccesary.
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I keep wearing them until they are clean again usually.....but seriously.....I typically let them get dry as a bone....go out on the drive way and smack them down a few times as hard as I can on the soles as flat as I can. If I hit it right its a loud smack the neighbors can hear and wonder what I'm doing. Set dirt explodes in all directions and out of the soles.
Is this the first time you have experienced MUD......
Before you get in the rig to drive home you go to the thickest nastiest grass patch and,run your boots in and out til their darn near clean.....wih your foot in them...
Did your mom clean them for you Mom kicked my axx if i walked near her house with muddy boots...
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