Bonus while deer hunting


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Dec 24, 2001
Potters Hill, NC
Got settled in this morning before light on the opener of Virginia's general firearm season. Shortly after getting situated in my ground stand this thang came strolling through the pasture. I saw him at 75yds and from my hide he never saw the rifle come up. He figured something was amiss at 40yds, but that was too close for even me to miss! So much for long range. He whirled to leave and the 150gn Ballistic Tip (7Mag) caught him square in the right shoulder. I weighed him at home on certified scales and he weighed 40lbs even.





I showed him to my neighbor up the hill and he said he heard a pack of 'em the other morning when he came out for work. Looks like I got something to do when deer season is over. JohnnyK.

Nice looking yote. Looks like he has his winter coat.
I guess at that range the Nosler BT did not have much to expand on.
We currently deer hunt in an area that I beleive has more yotes than deer
and we have been working on the population. Always makes for a enjoyable
hunt. Good photos and thanks for sharing.
Thanks guys. I was amazed at how full his coat was. I jokingly told a fellow worker he looked liked he was being groomed at the vets. I didn't see one spot of the mange on him, although he did have a few ticks and fleas. He was pretty musky too. I surely didn't see them this big or pretty when I lived out in Washington.
Actually that Ballistic Tip expanded very well on him. The exit hole was as big as a tennis ball and was the reason I didn't skin him out and tan his hide for the wall. I gave him to a deer hunter who said he was gonna tell people across the Blue Ridge Parkway, where he lived, that he killed him. JohhnyK.
You're lucky he didn't see you until it was too late. There are a couple of yotes on the place where I hunt here in VA. We've seen them several times, but they are always going about mach2.
That is one looking yote, congrats for the quick and good shot.
Enjoyed the pictures and story.
Thanks for posting. Keep us updated on your deer season.
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