Bolt fluting

What the deal with fluting the bolt can anyone elaborate on it



It is mainly for looks.

It also improves the chance of operating under the worst conditions (Like mud or sand in the
action) because it gives it somewhere to go instead of jamming the action.

Bolts don't normally get hot on sporter rifles but it will help cool the bolt a little.

As far as weight reduction, It is very little.

One can't help but like the appearance of a fluted bolt but it does not help the average
sport hunter.

if you plan on using the action as a repeater get spiral flutes as straight flutes will grab the case in the mag and cause problems
Those that say bolt fluting it is mostly for looks simply do not understand the purpose behind the priniple. Bolt fluting has several advanages. Less surface friction for a smooth, glass like feel during bolt operation. It will also allow for faster cycling action for a quick follow up shot. Last, if you shoot in cold weather, below freezing, fluting allows the bolt to break free during icing conditions due to less surface contact.
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