Bluing Question [Moved 2 Gunsmiths]

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    Jul 2, 2007
    I will never forget the bluing jobs that came on factory Colt Pythons back in the 60s. They looked like you could just step into the finish and disappear. I have a classic shooter project in mind, i.e. wood stock, blued metal, and a nice-looking scope with the innards to take care of business.

    I understand now that metal finishing is what sets a truly great bluing job apart from a good bluing job. A few questions though.

    Hot rust bluing versus cold rust bluing... which is most likely to yield a deeper than deep blue finish?

    Has anyone here had this kind of work done? If so, by who?

    I'm always interested to hear from LRH sponsors/smiths who make their living doing this sort of thing.

    Thanks in advance for some feedback!

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