Blaser R8 custom stock/retrofit stock?


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Nov 22, 2009
I'm thinking about jumping into the Blaser R8 foray however I don't like their stock options at all. I'd like to stick one of there receivers into something like a Manners EH1-A, T2A-Elite, or maybe even just their carbon fiber ultralight classic...Anyone ever done something like this/had anyone do it? I realize this is potentially expensive...



Did you ever find a stock you liked? I have never heard of using a Blaser receiver in a stock not specific to the receiver. GRS makes some:
Thanks. I'm going to go a different route and see if it works out like I hope. I bought a Rem 7600. I'm going to replace the barrel with something like a Kreiger, Bartlein, K&P, etc. the Blaser is still on my mind but if I can get the Ol' Remington to drive nails it'll be hard to beat for a fast hunting rifle.
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