Bird Dogs!


Jul 5, 2014
Ozark Mountains, Missouri & Arkansas
Now I have some outstanding young German Shorthair Pointers, their bloodlines are Heide Mighty City Slicker cross with Magnums Touch Of Gold. Both those dogs were National Field Trial Champions. I am getting out of the business of breeding for puppies. Also have a few 1 year and 2 year old dogs.
Give me a holler if your interested OK......Thank You:)
I do have 4 young male pups! The litter was 8 puppies and all females were sold for $1,200 dollars. There bloodlines are NFC/FC 5 time national champion Heide Mighty City Slicker and NFC/FC Magnum's Touch Of Gold. It doesn't get any better than this for bloodlines. These pups are now 4.5 weeks old.

Two are solid liver headed, snow around nose like "SLICK", large liver patches, half white tales. Two are colored like a yellow lab, this color is 1 in 10,000 shot. They are yellow (AKC calls it Lemon) with white patches. Great looking pups. Price for the Liver patched pup males is $1000 dollars, the yellow pups are $1,500, these are extremely rare.

I have a couple of started dogs also, males & females. The price varies on these dogs.

I own and run High Hill Gun Dogs......You can call this number please. #1-636-7588!
Ask for IRISH.
Ummmmmmmm tested??? Well I can tell YOU that any dog or pup from my kennel will certainly be more dog in the field, than you could ever hope to hunt behind period.

I don't field trial on horseback (don't ride a horse anymore) but several of my dogs have gone on to become champions in both "Field Trialing and National Shoot To Retrieve" So if your interested just spend a dime and give me a call. I do not have time for window shoppers though! :)
What about water I spend half the hunting season hunting Ducks usually when the weather gets really cold.................that's when it the best so Im just looking for a Dog and will point one day and then Retrieve Ducks and or Geese the next in Cold water...........................Sometimes their is Ice..................
Nothing is going to best the Chessie or the Lab for water work in extremely cold situation's where ice is hanging from the dogs eyelids, ears, mouth etc. This is what these breeds were made bred to do simply put.

Now speed in the field is no comparison to my German Shorthair Pointers! The nose ability of our dogs is outstanding, being able to run full bore in a field and smell birds 200 yds away.

Yes, I have taken them duck hunting more than once but not up around the Northeast area, where it gets -20 below for duck hunters. This breed I have is good all day at around the 10 to 25 degree level with a jacket on them.

In the field going across tuff ground, these athelets I have are very quick. They have lots of stamina and can turn on a dime and give you 3-cents change. You just click on High Hill Gun Dogs and view one of my studs. His point on birds is 2nd to none, he is a 68 lb running freight train in the field and can jump 5ft in the air to catch a bird in his kennel compound. His daddy was the national quail champion and runnerup field champion to boot. FC "Tru Blu's Hud's Kicking Up Dust"
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