Arizona bird hunting

That sounds fun too I love any wing shooting. Maybe we can hunt sometime i am simi retired and hunt alot all over. Yes last year was very good in Az Killed a ton of Gambles.
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Bird hunting is about all I enjoy doing as I've gotten older, still go deer hunting for the meat. Last year the grouse and woodcock numbers were up in the western UP of MI. Its wild country lots of excellent cover. I plan on spending 2 weeks there this fall. Lots of birds and not many hunters.

We saw larger gambels family groups this spring around the NW side of Tucson. Largest had 15 offspring! The number of young we usually see is 8-10. We seemed to have enough winter rains to cause these larger coveys, something that didn't happen the winter of 2012.

Gambels were pairing up and nesting in May, June and even a few in July. I often have some nesting in planter boxes on north side of house. Rains came sporatically since July 1.

A couple of good rains hit the Gambels country west and north of Tucson. I haven't gone out there yet but I'd bet many tanks are full. Hoping the young survived till the rains came. This season might be better than last year. We will have to wait and see.

My daughter was feeding 4 different coveys this June while I was visiting. One covey had 13, 2nd 11, and the smallest birds 12 each. Looked like a very good hatch for sure!
I think Quail is one of my Favorite as well. I never get tired of it its just a blast

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