Bipod cant


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May 3, 2001

Following my question on bipod shooting tips, I went out and bought a set of sling swivels, installed them on my rifle and added a Harris bipod. Off the bench, my rifle was sitting on a very distinct angle. The rifle stock is a laminate and I am guessing the its not too even so the bipod is sitting to one side as a result (I dont have a level on the scope as yet, but its very obvious in the reticle). Has anyone had a situation like this? The only fix I can think of is to shim the bipod so it sits level on the stock forend.


I've had a few rifles that were canted when on a bipod. I use that 3M tread tape, it's stick back and rough front won't allow the bipod to slip and it's thick enough to use as a shim shim (with an added piece on the bad side).
Fergus ,
On my 20 year old Harris if you loosen the retaining screw a couple of turns you can slide the bipod sideways almost 1/4 inch in either direction and then retighten . It's designed to work this way . Depending upon the shape of your stock this may overcome your cant problem .
Thats why I like to get the swivel model Harris bipod. I have the non swivel type on one rifle and I do as posted above, loosen the tightening screw a little and slide the bipod over. Good shootin.
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