Binos for LR spotting..Help


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Jul 27, 2001
Would love to hear your experiences and opinions on the following binos for LR spotting/glassing. I am trying to balance performance (resolution, clarity, and light gathering) with cost.

Pentax PCF-V 16X60 and 20X60
Steiner 20X80 Rallyes and Senators
Russian products.
Anything else you don't need a mortgage for



Are these to be used as "handhelds" or is there a tripod going to be used?

Of what you have mentioned and if your going to use a tripod, the Bushnell Spacemasters in a bracket will blow anything you mentioned out of the water.

There are "NO" binoculars made in the 15X to 20X as sharp and clear as the Spacemasters in a bracket. That includes Zeiss, Lieca, Kowa or anything else with 15X to 20X capabilities.

You may be able to find a set of Spacemasters used for $500.00 or $600.00 possibly?

If you want just hand helds the Stieners are fairly good. The Swifts in the 11X 80mm and the 20x 80mm are just as good.



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DC, this would definitely be a tripod mounted unit. I already have a Nikon XL spotting scope that I am very happy with. The image quality at 16 to 40X is excellent.

What do you think about putting a second into a mount? I guess you adjust each individually to get the best "image".

I liked the idea of bino for ease of use and the Pentax are definitely well priced. Any experience with these. I have only looked through one Steiner but the image quality was very good. This will not be extreme distance glass.

I appreciate your feedback.


For midrage viewing the Stieners will do the job for you.

AS per putting togther two spotters, you can do it however they need to have FIXED power eyepieces in them. You can never get both to the same exact power setting when you have a varible eyepice in both tubes.

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