Binocular comparison: Steiner / IOR


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Jun 30, 2002
I know this is off topic but I reakon somebody will be able to help me out.

I am thinking of getting a light pair of DAY optics for my backpack.

I am currently concidering the IOR 10x25 and the Steiner Predator 10x26.

I can import the Steiner from the US for USD 162.00 + shipping and the IOR from Romania for USD 219.00 + shipping.

I reckon the shipping to Ireland will be the same for each.

Has anybody had the oppertunity to compare these side by side. Is the IOR worth the extra expence.

The 10x magnification will not be a problem as I usually use binos from a rested position.

Perhaps somebody might have other recommendations.



Thank you for your reply.

I have read this review and many similar about the IOR binos and I am familar with the quality of their optics as I own an IOR 6x42 Tact. scope with superb optics.

I suppose the grey area for me is what the Steiner Preditors are like in comparison. The only way I could compare them is to purchase both on the internet, wait until they arrive, choose the one I like, and then try and sell the other. Not a practicle way to go.

The 10x26 Preditors seem very keenly price compared to the larger Preditor models.

Perhaps sombody might turn up who has experience with both.

Kindest regards

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