Best weight bullet for 1-8 twist 18" barrel in 223


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Aug 1, 2012
Ok guys I have about 400 cases ready to be loaded and I'm loading them for a 18" POF .

I've been shooting just some cheap 55gr bullets threw it with ok 100yrd results but now I'm ready to shoot some paper the right way.

It has a 1-8 twist and I think the twist is too fast for 55gr and a gun builder I know told me the same.

What would be around the best weight and bullet for the best accuracy to use when loading these up? Also I'll be hunting with them so needs to be a good accurate bullet for hunting varmints as well.
I shoot the 77 grain BTHP sierras in mine work great out to 1200 yards. All depends on how far you want to shoot.
Look at the 70grain Berger VLD. They have similar BC to the 77grain SMK. Since they are lighter though, you can push them faster.
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