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    Jul 6, 2011
    Recently purchased a Remington 700 SPS Stainless .300 RUM with 26" barrel. Changed the stock already to a laminate thumbhole. I have never tried to shoot more then 200 yards so I am very new to long range shooting. I shoot a really good group at 100-200 and really would like to learn to shoot to about 500-600 and maybe even further if possible. I will be hunting deer with this gun. I know it takes a lot of practice but I was wondering what would be the best optics, rings for this gun? I am interested in the scopes with turrets because it seems to take the guess work out. Not big on the mildot scopes I usually like my crosshairs fine. I would like to spend around $1000 or less for the scope but will consider spending a little more if its worth it. This is a hunting rifle so I would like something that is very good in low light as well. Thanks for your opinions in advance!
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    There are so many options.....And while I will throw a couple out there, try searching this site for previous threads as a lot of really good information is already out there. The google search engine works best.... type in ____________

    So a space after the semicolon and type what you want to search. Very handy.

    Bushnell 3200 tactical 10X fixed is one option often mentioned and can be found reasonably priced. decent to get started with.

    The SWFA Super Sniper scopes are supposedly very good. I almost pulled the trigger on one of their higher powered scoped recently but went with Minox. SWFA SS 10X42 Tactical for ~ 300.00

    Good luck.

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    Keg before laying out a ton of money on a scope I'd first suggest taking the rifle back to a good gunsmith for a complete free float and pillar bedding job if you haven't already.

    The quesiton isn't what is the "best scope" it is "What is the best scope I can afford". You can get great quality glass from under 750.00 all the way up to over 2,500.00.

    For under 1,000.00 You can start with the above and then work up. I prefer minimum 14x because I want to count points before I pull the trigger in the case of a deer, and if I'm shooting at small things at great distance I want to see what I am shooting to the point I am placing the shot on an exact point of impact rather than just aiming for the center of mass.

    Zeiss Conquest and Leupold VXIII are probably the best within your price range and are more than adequate for precision shooting out to 1000yds.

    I also prefer the 44mm obj at a minimum and would really rather have 50-56mm obj for greater light gathering capability. With the right glass you can extend your hunting time easily by fifteen minutes or more early and late vs cheaper glass with smaller objective diameters.
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