Best pack for mountain hunting

Mystery Ranch just came out with a new frame and new generation metcalf in a few different bag sizes. I haven't put hands on it, but I have a thing with them so I'll probably field it this year.

Utah Hunting Expo is going on now, If you can make it, it is the best place to try out and check out all of the best pack manufacturers. This year Kifaru, Kuiu, Exo, Eberle, Mystery Ranch and several others were there. Plus you can apply for the raffle tags!
I picked up the latest iteration of the KUIU pro pack/frame series this last year and I love the modularity of it for bag swaps and frame rigidness for how light it is… my largest gripe is that for the suspension system they offer a S/M or a L/XL, and I truly fit smack dab between the two for comfort. I also opted for a longer x-tall frame, that way I can get weight distributed up higher and use the riser system a little more effectively on the shoulders.

I've got buddies who swear by the Exo Mtn Gear systems, might have to give it a try.
I really like the Kuiu Pro bags layout and compartmentalization. It makes staying organized on long hunts easy once you remember how you packed everything. The suspension for me is perfect, but I am a pretty common size 5'11 and 195 pounds so most packs feel good to me. I have the L/XL Xtall frame and suspension. In the pics I have everything but the hide, feet, guts, and bones in that pack. For all loose warm meat like this I use a liner in the bag so I can use the multitude of compression straps. For bone in or frozen/cold firm meat I will use the load shelf. I run the 7800 bag for most of my hunts. I can get 9 days worth in it even if it's cold and it will still strap down and work as a day pack. I have a Pro LT 5500 bag that makes a great warm weather pack, but I am not as fond of the layout and if it's not frozen I am usually carrying decoy bags anyway, so the warm weather pack doesn't get much use.


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