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Jul 11, 2002
Orange,TX U.S.A.
Just finished the break in on my Shilen barreled Savage in .280 this week. Using 150 Sciroccos I shot 2.908" at 600 yards.

My partner shot it at 500 yards, And managed a 2.120" group.

We are trying to lease private land so we can get in some 1000 yard work.
Long we do care and you don't have to shut up. Cause if you do then you can't ask questions

As my greatgrandfather use to tell me "Old people get young and young people get old" so now don't give up. Keep shooting for that 1000 yard range and greater
excellent! I would love to shoot that good. I am new to long range shooting and am working to get to the 1000 yard mark. Not there yet and not as close as you. Practice, practice, practice.
Long Action I did not reply cuz I was fingertied (kinda like tonguetied. That is a group I only dream about Great going.
Man that's good stuff...

The rest of you guys.. if you load right and prep right and practice the techniques it will come to you... trust me I thought I'd never shoot small groups at long range.. it will and does happen...

PMA guys... ( positive mental attitude )

Mind over matter.... don't think you can't do it... think you can do it... shooting is a very mental thing... ie: flinch control , breath control, trigger control. once you learn it and pratice it.. it will happen...

I'm shooting about 6-7" groups at 700 consistiently.. I just got my 300 ultra .. so now I move to the 1K area and beyond

I guess I should have said it was only 3 shots... :-(

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I agree, that was fine shooting.
Not sure if that was a 3 or 5 shot group you mentioned?

I too am in the "old man" status and appreciate small groups way out there, as you have.

For instance, at the Williamsport Heavy gun match last Sunday, I entered my new 6.5/284 16 1/2 Lb Light gun. I feel it has some serious potential or i wouldn't have put it in with the "big" guns.
We shoot 10 shots for record and you would be surprised what happens to groups after 5 shots, even to the 100 and 200 yard shooters. The groups usually triple in size all the time.

Anyway, the first five shots were in the center card (x ring) and measured 3". The wind switched and caught me on the next 5 shots and made my 10 shot group ended up as 11".
Had we shot 5 shots for record, that 3" would have been respectable but, far from a record which is a tad under 1 1/2" at 1000 yards.

Now this old guy is back at the loading bench working harder on his loading tecniques and hoping he can see the wind shift better the next time.

Keep up the good work, your doing great.

That'd be more than enough to make me **** happy.
Maybe you boys could drop by and give me some pointers if you get up this way sometime. You obviously have a nice shooting rig and good technique too, both of you! Keep us posted on how you're doin with it, not too many people post how thier doing here and it's always inspiring for me.
That is great shooting. Now the hard part, do it again and again.

Been plinking at 700 to 750yds on clays and a 7x7 gong. Figured keeping inside MOA at that range would be a challenge. Well, it is.

Last Friday, I shot on what I thought was a dead calm day...WRONG. After alot of frustration, I decided to really take at look at what the mirage was telling me.

Well, as most of the competitive shooters know, being able to figure out that mirage makes or breaks your score. I learnt that this air was far from still. There were slight breezes coming from two directions (probably due to thermals) which would be enough to push the bullets 4 to 6" off course. Just enough to throw dirt on the clays but not hit them. Also, the boiling mirage was causing me to shoot low.

After taking these into account, the hit ratio improved. STill got a lot to learn. Good thing I know these rifles/loads would shoot 1/3MOA or else they would have gone into the trash.

Shooting into a constant breeze is actually easier. Go figure...

I know exactly what you mean Jerry, I've come to the conclusion a "fairly steady" crosswind isn't that bad to shoot in at all, as compared to subtle changing directions or various ones. I haven't shot alot in gusting strong wind above 20 mph so that'll be a fun experience when it pops up at the range. I hit the trees and start close range hunting when the weather goes that far south, at lest for now with my level of experience.

I agree, even moa accuracy is often very trying to maintain beyond 500 yards in even some of the better conditions.
Darryl, I have to fess up. It was a lowly three shot group. I was as happy as if at been a twenty.

This is mainly a hog gun. My coyote gun, A out of the box .243 Howa sportier did 3.768" at 600 with 75 gr V-Max.
We do not have any long range matches around this part of Texas. So I just settle for hogs and coyotes.

I won't to thank all of you here for your help. No one else around here shoots further than 200. So you guys are a great help in steering me in the right direction.

Bought my Wild range finder strictly from the advice I received here. It is a fine instrument.
Long that size group with a hog gun? Need to come down a litte farther south, run into some of the big HAWGS and you'll be very glad to shoot them from far off or further.

If I'm right Dave told of a young fellow that tried to hunt hogs somewhat close. He wont do it again
Texas. I have feed some of those down south hogs the ends of a coule of bows. That is why I am backing it up. Shot one from a ground blind. He decided to come talk to me about it. So I gave him the blind.
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