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A friend of mine wants to buy a new rifle and learn to shoot long range. (600-700 Yrds Max)

He doesn't want to spend for a custom or semi-custom.

Lets hear some opinions on out of the box factory rifles.

He'll be buying either one of the 7mm mags or one of the 30 cal mags.

Thanks to all opinions!

Savage 12 BVSS in in 308 or if he has to have a magnum the 300 WSM.

308 is much cheaper to shoot and out to the ranges he wants is more than enough.

Add Bausch and Lomb 3200 10x with mil dot for $170 that has about 100 MOA elevation.

Farrel tapered base $45 with 20 MOA elevation.

FA Enterprises tactical rings for $80 from Brownells.

Well under $1000 for gun, scope bases and rings.

You can add Savage bolt handle with large knob for $25 and even change barrels yourself with $25 wrench and $250 barrel from Sharpshooter supply already chambered.

I second Bounty Hunter’s suggestion. I don’t think you can find a more accurate package out of the box for the money than the exact combination he mentioned. If I ever get the time I’ll post a series of pictures of one-hole, five shot groups that I have shot with my Savage 10 FP. The gun is just remarkable – especially for the money. You can spend more, but you will be hard pressed to shoot a tighter group for the dollars spent.
The Savages are hard to beat. If he doesn't like the looks/feel, then the Rem 700 VS in .308 Win would be my next choice. 600-700 yards is a long freak'n way! but still very obtainable with a .308 and he won't build a flinch from the recoil like he would with a mag.
I have to agree with everyone-just bought a savage 111fl in 7mm remington ultra mag. Not pretty to look at but I took a few shots just with open sights-(haven't done that in awhile)-shoots awesome.
I'd say the Savage as well. I have several. All shoot good (sub 1" at 100), one shoots exceptionally well. Savage is steadily replacing Remington as the Chevy 350 of the rifle world. A barrel you can change at home in 10 minutes, aftermarket stocks, triggers, bolt handles and hardware. You can even change the boltfaces in a few minutes.

You can make a .308 into a .223 in half an hour. Shoot the barrel out busting PD's???? A few hundred bucks and 10 minutes with simple hand tools and you're ready to go again. Wildcats too!!!!

I'll take a Savage any day over a Remchester.
Boy I hope you Savage guys aren't talking doodoo. I am a die hard Sendero fan but when I saw a Savage 116 weather warrior 300 RUM on clearance at Bass Pro shops for $399, I took the plunge and hope to be pleasantly surprised. Based on testimonial from the Savage crowd of course.

Cool, we were looking at the 12FVSS.
Do you guys think the BVSS is better?

Is there anything wrong with the synthetic stock of the Savage?

Lastly, how do you guys think it compares to the Sendero?
i am very happy with my rem.vls in 308 .
useing good bullets and deccent powder i am able to achieve sub moa @100 meters and have shot out to 600 meters with it also i want to plug the bushnell fixed 10x tactical scope for the price you can't buy anything better. in mho of course
There is nothing wrong with the Remingtons. I will be the first to admit that they are accurate. However, The Savage is at least as accurate out of the box – maybe better, and if you get the Accutrigger you will be ruined for life. I haven’t felt a Remington trigger that didn’t need work – EVER. I will say that the finish work is nicer on the Remington. The savage action is rough in places and could stand some hand-finishing and lapping, but none of that makes any difference to the target. I’m still a die-hard Mauser fan, but I already have twice as much in my latest Mauser than I do in My Savage, and I haven’t bought the barrel or the reamers yet!

I wrote to Sharp Shooter’s Supply and asked if they would sell me a threaded barrel that was not chambered. They said they would be happy to accommodate me. Price was good too.
I have a new 300 WSM Savage with the accutrigger. The rifle is darn nice, shoots well and the trigger is about as good as my Jewell on a 700 except that the whole rifle was only $50 more than the trigger was.

Great value for the money. I'm going to replace the plastic stock, but next year. Out of the box, all it needs is a decelerator instead of that crummy hard plastic pad.

Put a Bushnell scope on it ($200) with Weaver rings and bases ($30), and you're up to $630. Spend the other money on practice, and dies, etc.
I am presuming he's hunting and not shooting. If he's just shooting, then the previous post makes a lot of sense.
Dang it! I went back to get that 300 ultra from bass pro in grapevine and it was gone! Enjoy my gun.
JohnM ... The BVSS stock is much better than the plastic Savage stock (IMO) for about $50 more than the FVSS. I have several and like them very much. The 112BVSS is available in 7MM Rem Mag and 300 Win Mag. The 12BVSS in 300 WSM and 308 Win.

But, if a Remington 700 VS, VLS or Sendero are available at a good price, they are very good rifles and the trigger is easily adjusted. My VS w/J-lock is a great shooter, but my Savage rifles are my favorites. The BVSS stock fits me perfectly!

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