Best factory rifle in 300.RUM for less then $1,000?

Here's my 300RUM Sendero,I've got a 6.5-20x40 Leupold and Burris Signature Rings with Leupold Bases.Trigger is 2-1/2 lbs and a Harris Bipod.Where ya at in Va??I'm in Fredericksburg.

This is the 9th,10th and 11th rounds out of it,Factory loads.So far i've only got 2 boxes through it,and 15 of those were last saturday.I got some brass ready to load today.Your not too far away,have to get together and burn some powder,You'd have your choice of 3 300RUM's to shoot,My brother has a BDLs/s synthetic and my buddy has a sendero that shoots really well too.
I don't mean this for the .300 RUM lovers to take offense but that is the worst kicking cartridge I have ever seen! I had an Rem LSS 300 UM until last week and sold it...problem solved! I guess I'm getting too old and I don't like being kicked badly anymore by anything.
You haven't shot my Ruger 416 WBY yet!

This is why the used gun racks are filled with Ultra Mags for smokin deals, really no reson to by one new, heck, most of these used ones have less than one box of ammo through them, often they come with the left over box too!

I think new, the Savage is the best bang for the buck. A custom barrel on a used action is the best route in my opinion. Pick your action, barrel, stock and smith and it should shoot better than any factory stick for a bit over the price of a Sendero, but built to your spec.

I still like the Sendero's I've seen, they have grouped really well out of the box.
I have the 300rum sendero and it is a very sweet shooter. I am using it on the bench primarily so I replaced the stock with the Choate Ultimate Sniper stock. epoxied about 6lbs of lead shot in the forend, the grip, and the cheekpiece. total gun weight...about 21 lbs. very, very comfortable to shoot. kicks way less than my son's 30-06 featherweight with light loads. I engineered some loops and shoulder straps for it so I can carry it like a backpack. I can haul that baby for miles this way. will never give up this it.
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