best blinds? scent technology? Onyx maps?

wildcat westerner

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Nov 14, 2009
Returning to bowhunting after a long absence due to being mobility impaired. I am learning about scent technology, these ground blinds, and Onx maps. It has been a LONG while. It appears these scent uses can be very useful and the efforts to reduce scents, such as baking soda washes , and hanging clothes on a base camp clothesline and daily uses of scent blocker, are all new to me. I see the ads for these" Tide we" ground blinds with 270-360 degree visualization. Does anyone have experience with them for long term usage?
Onx maps. I shall be going into mountainous areas and setting up a ground blind (s) to be hunting that-those sites and have learned to hunt from tree stands in the Midwest. How can you best set up a stand for long term (3 weeks?) usage. I do know about these crazy winds above 6,000 feet and using steel "T" posts on the four corners of the blind for immobility no matter the wind gusts.

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I have staked some blinds in some pretty windy places. I have good luck running some bungee cords in the four guide wires. running longer tent stakes. leave the stakes that come with the blind home.