Best .277 cal cartridge?


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Sep 18, 2008
Fort McMurray , Alberta , Canada
This question has probably already been beat up, but I will ask it again. I do mostly deer hunting and as far as I'm concerned the 277 cal is the best calibre for deer as I have seen many many deer shot with many calibres and have never seen one do as good a job as my 270 win, I've seen deer go farther from a double lung shot out of a 338 wm than most I've shot with my good old 270 win. I know there's not a lot of high bc 277 bullets out there but I don't care, maybe someday berger will have out a nice 277 bullet. Anyway what are some of the 277 shells out there and what are your favorites?
Are you talking about factory chambered 270's and or wildcats???

Probably 2 of the hotter factory 270's would be the 270WSM and 270Weatherby.

If you're talking about everything that has been necked to a .277 the list would be pretty long.

I think Kirby Allen's 270AM is a pretty good choice and in about a year or less I will know first hand. :)
Interesting thread, I am also a 270(.277cal) lover. Thanks for posting. Hopefully we will get some great info out of it.
The 270 Weatherby magnum is the best factory 270 by far. Bunch of wildcats. The 270 wby is just an awesome hunting rifle. The 270 WSM is next. It falls exactly half way between the wby and the 270 win in velocity.

Could you provide some examples for the 270WBY, I'm sure from reading some of your other post you have wrung it out to see what it will do. I'm curious as from the best data I can find I'm running my 270WSM right with it.
I had a friend in high school that had a 270WBY and boy it was awsome, always wanted one.
I have shot the 270 wby extensively for about 35 years. My longest shot with it was an elk back in the 70's at over 1100 yards. I like 7828, magpro, retumbo with heavy bullets, RE-25, all do very well with it. Basically top velocity with extreme accuracy are as follows. 130 grain bullets-3500-3550 fps, 140 grain bullets 3400-3450 fps, 150 grain bullets 3300-3350 fps. All three of mine have 1-10 twists.

I have chronographed quite a few 270 WSM's, mostly when I had my shop and range, but do not own one. All that I measured hit about exactly half way between the win and wby.
Most of the hunting I do is for big albertan white tails that can get up to 400 pounds, I have the possibility of seeing deer out to and past 1000 yards. I originally was going to build a 300wm but I think I would like to do some sort of 277 build because something about that cal puts deer down fast.
The 270 Weatherby magnum is the best factory 270 by far. Bunch of wildcats. The 270 wby is just an awesome hunting rifle. The 270 WSM is next. It falls exactly half way between the wby and the 270 win in velocity.
Agree old friend I have one built on an a3 sako that used to shoot bug holes, still will shoot m.o.a. saw a fellow just miss a whitetail at near a mile with it!!!!
I don't think that 1100 yard elk would argue to much about your A3 Sako 270 wby shooting like a dream. I think that was the first really long shot I ever made with it on big game. I remember back in the 70's we would shoot those 12 ounce cans or whatever drifted up way across the lake at who knows how far with that rifle. Hardly ever missed but after a spot shot to get the drop I don't think it ever missed. Those were the days. Looking forward to seeing you and Becky Christmas. That whitetail was lucky. He didn't stay around after the spot shot got the drop on him. From where the dust kicked up I don't see how it missed him.
Yep the whitetail was lucky you didn't get him had to hit just under his body as the dust blew up behind him!Hope to see you and the Mrs. this Christmas maybe we can go eat out on the mtn.?
270AM is a Rem. Ultra Mag case necked down to .277 and, I'm pretty sure but 100%, has Kirby's 35degree shoulder design.

I'm not sure what the case capacity is but I'm sure someone here knows the answer to that.

There also is a 277AM based off the 338 Lapua case necked down to .277 and I also believe it has the signature 35 degree shoulder.

Maybe Kirby will chime in on this cause I would like to know the case capacity for the 270AM 277AM and 7AM.

If you already have a Rem. L700 action and you want a hot rod 270 the 270AM is a natural.

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