Berger 30 cal. 210's



Berger 30 cal. 210\'s

DC, Len, Dave, anyone.....

I ran some ballisics using these bullets. Seems to me that at 6000 ft elev. I can achieve 1000 ft lbs at 1000 yards.
Anyone ever shoot these bullets or use them for hunting, and if so how'd they perform????
Re: Berger 30 cal. 210\'s


They are NOT recommended for hunting. The jackets are VERY thin compared to Sierra's, as told to me by Walt Berger a few years ago.
I'm sure the new owner of Berger bullets is using the same jackets.

A very good bullet for 1000 yard target matches however.

Darryl Cassel
Re: Berger 30 cal. 210\'s

Hey DC thanks... I thought I heard that from somwhere so I thought I'd ask where someone would definitly know....

OK back to the drawing board......
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