Bench Source trick


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Mar 11, 2012
Brookings Oregon
I like the machine but there are three things I don't like about it. Just figured out a simple fix for one.
The slot where the hot casings fall through dosent let you put a deep pan under it without having some casings bounce out onto to table. I was going to bend up an angled alum chute and screw it on so can have a pan on the table.
And then today I realized that there is a space between the body and the top of machine. The lip of my metal baking pan will jam into that slot and collect all the brass without any bouncing out. Just need to watch and scoop the pile outwards so it dosent jam the turntable and cook a casing.
Tried it and worked great. I have 2 pans so when gets bit full I just did a quick swap between drops. Pics::


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