beginner LR rifle



So, I'm hoping to play some between 600-1000 yd, prone/bench, mostly hunting paper, maybe competition if I get the knack. Right now I just have a monster 358-404 and a FAL, so I'm looking for a new rifle.
Also like the idea of a tacical "sniper" type rifle.
Here's my idea:
Win M70 (just because I like them) in 300 RUM (For some reason they're fairly cheap around here; guess RUM shooters are Remington shooters), shoot the heck out of it practicing. Eventually replace stock with A5, rebarrel with 28-30" RUM Imp, vais brake, true receiver, camo, ecxellent glass.
In short, morph over time into a FN SPR Magnum of sorts.
Start out with maybe $600 out of pocket, plus $300 Loopie I already have, end up with less than $2k in it.

What do you all think?
Something different/missing?
Be sure you have a riflesmith willing to build up a M70. Much more shop time is involved with the bolt lugs than with a Remington. I like M70s as well and for me it was worth the couple of extra dollars to have a M70 done right, since almost everyone I know has a Remington.
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