bedding a scope mount.


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Dec 16, 2013
The front of my mount is flush. However the rear is flush on the right side but there is a small gap on the left rear side of the Mount.

Which technique should i use to bed the Mount?

Insert the two screws on the front of the mount and let gravity level the rear?

Or insert all four screws and torque the two middle screws slightly and just make contact with the two out side screws.

If I don't slight screw the two middle screws how will I know the rear of the scope is level?
Do it like this. If you try to mount it by screwing it down to take out the gaps you'll just warp the mount and screw up the installation.
[ame=""]Gunsmithing Bedding A Scope Rail On a Remington 700 - YouTube[/ame]
Good post, and a Very good video !!!!!

I also like the use of JB weld in this application because if the small amounts used and the convenience of the small tubes.

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