Beddin Pillar Makin Day. . .


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Jan 28, 2007
South Dakota
Makin the Beddin Pillars, oohh yeeaahhh
I'm a gomer. Dunno why but I like making these little buggers.

Whipped up some for a Winny M70 that a cst is fixin to work on. The pile to the right are blanks that haven't had the 2nd op done yet.

New stud design too.


Woo Hoo!

You should make a DVD, detailing your process, step by step, from start to finish!! Including prepping, taping, pillar making, compound mixing, etc.
I Bedded a rifle once, but I would like to learn how to get that "professional look"!

You do Excellent Work!

Russ, I'm flattered but I'm afraid it wouldn't work for most folks. I've overenginidioted this process so much that unless a guy has access to some pretty sophisticated equipment and software it'd be virtually impossible to replicate the process.

Now that isn't saying a person can't achieve exceptional results with less, just means that if I were to try and teach this process I'd fail miserably at it cause it's the only way I know how to do it. I won't touch a stock if it has already been inletted by someone else. Just won't work for how I do it.

Thanks for the kind words guys.

The more I work with metal the more I appreciate your talent.

Me too and I'm about 2K miles behind eddybo:)

If I sentcha my 3 jaw chuck could you tru it up?:D I've gone from he as delivered 2 thou to 20 thou in only 4 attempts.:rolleyes: I'll get it though but by then the chuck will only be good for 2" stock.

Makin' chips and grindin' is as addictive as shooting bug holes.......
Chad, I'm drawn to every one of your "makin day" post.

It sure is neat to see the stuff you make with those computer machine thingees:)
Makenz H/D parts tonight. Chain adjuster hubs. Cutting little engagement splines suck. Takes too **** long on this machine.

Tis ok, every little hum of the tool is kinda like a cash register dingin.

Thanks fer the kind words gents.

have a great night.


Chain adjuster. Black one is a factory original. Pretty sure I got it right. 39 more to go!

Intake valve pocket for an atmospheric 1909H/D engine
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To keep bills paid I manufacture the bulk of the machined parts for "Competition Distributing" a vintage (1905-1920) Harley Davidson restoration business. I also operate out of the owner's building. (for now, till the shop gets put up next summer)

It's an interesting endeavor that keeps me on my toes. A 1909 atmospheric engine cylinder is worth about 25K if it's in serviceable condition. Considering there's only a handful in existence that still work you gotta get it right the first time, can't run down to Napa for a replacement.

Cool stuff. Almost as much fun as guns. Almost. . .:D

Lonnie Isam, the owner is about as cool as they come. He's also the owner of the first H/D motorcycle ever made. It's out on the showroom floor on the museum side of the shop. Raced a top fuel bike for about 25 years. "The Flying Banana"

Back to gun stuff. This evening has turned into "Estucheon Fest"! I had a bag of these bastages somewhere but I can't find em so I decided to whip up a batch.

Another little silly part I like making.

Gnite, I'm outa here!


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