Barnes X or Nosler Ballistic Tips


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Jul 10, 2001
I'm looking for a .308 hunting round for my M1A and have settled on either of the Black Hills hunting rounds in 168gr. So, I was wondering which bullet everybody thought had the best accuracy and the best terminal ballistics. Barnes X or Nosler Ballistic Tips? Thanks!
We just killed several deer with BHA 175 match bullets and they worked perfectly from 50 yards to 575. They are hellish accurate factory loads.
I know,I know. The Black Hills 175gr match rounds are my preferred target load. They are unbelievably accurate. However, I believe that BTHP are not supposed to be used for hunting as the diameter of the very tip of the bullet is too small to allow for reliable expansion. Somebody please correct me if this is incorrect.
That IS incorrect

The BTHP's will expand VIOLENTLY.
Well that's wonderful. I've never been so pleased to be wrong. This will save me from having to re-zero my scope, re-learn the ballistics and drift of a new bullet. Thanks.
Road--just do a search on here "hunting match kings" you'll find all you can read and then some.

personally i'll use them till i get burnt.

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