Ballistic Plex for .17 HMR rifle?


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May 3, 2004
Just received my new .17 HMR Volquartsen and trying to decide which scope to mate with it. Am considering a Burris with Ballistic Plex or Ballistic Mill Dot. Anybody had any experience with the bullet drop indicators on either of these reticles for this round?
RM-- there was an article in Small Caliber News awhile back about somebody using a similar setup with the Ballistic Plex reticle. I can't remember which issue tho. The Burris catatlog gives the following zeros for the (avg.) 17 HMR trajectory when sighted dead on @ 100 yds. using the reticle: 150,200,250,300. The Ballistic Mil-dot is a lot more than you'll probably need since it provides a total of 14.5 minutes of trajectory compensation. The Ballistic Plex is much better suited to the trajectory curve of that little .17. If u want to go farther then sight in a little higher @ 100 yds, and recalculate, or adjust magnification lower, and recalculate.

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SS, thanks for the info. If I understand the workings of the Bplex though, the trajectory is calibrated at only 9X power, while the B. mill dot is calibrated for about 14x. I know the B. mill dot has more trajectory range than needed for the HMR, but if one zeros at 100 yds, and assumes the BDC at 50 yd increments instead of the usual 100 yd increments, then the BDC is very close to the published .17 HMR trajectory out to 300 yards. Has anyone else made these comparisons, or even better, has anyone mated the Ballistic mil dot to the .17 HMR?
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