Burris Ballistic Plex


Jun 23, 2003
BC, Canada
Has anybody tried one of these? It looks pretty cool. I ordered a FullField II 3-9X40mm. Seems I should be able to make accurate hits out to 500 or 600 yards, with the use of a rangefinder.

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.. I installed one on a fella's rifle down at the club.. It seemed to be a nice scope.. The closest thing I could find to a flaw was the fact that the "hashmarks" were a little small..
.. As for function and repeatability I couldn't say.. We only sighted it in at 100 yards.. Clarity was nice, as always with Burris products.. d:^) JiNC
tod, I'd agree with Jake that the hash marks are a little small, but once you get the rifle dialed in you should have no problem hitting at that range, what round you shooting, BTW? Jay

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I will be putting it on a 7mm SAUM. I haven't looked through one, just ordered it from Natchez. The Ballistic Plex should be very close to a 140 gr. @ 3150 fps, out to 600 yards, or a 175 gr. @ 2800 fps out to 500 yards, depending on the zero. This will be my first Burris scope.
tod, I notice in my Burris catalog, they zero the Mags. at 200yds. with the center reticle, and where the thick part of the reticle intersects with the thin part is good to 600yds., If you have access to a 600yd range, shoot at 200 and zero it out and then shoot at 600 and zero the scope out with the reticle intersection at that range if thats the range you intend to hunt at, duh, I'm sure you knew that. I mean, don't take it for granted that when you shoot at 600 it's going to hit perfect.
Jay Gorski ,

Yes, I will be trying it at lots of different ranges. I don't plan on shooting deer out to 600 yards, just milk jugs etc. I've printed off the technical stuff from Burris.com, and have been running diff. loads through a ballistics program, out to 500 & 600 yards.
I started to answer you on another forum, but don't have much news. I bought the scope you describe on special from Midway and it's been on a cheap weaver rail on a NEF and somethings moving but I think the rail needs tightened with the soft screws replaced. Anyway, I've been threatening to take a magnifying glass to the range with me so I can make out the symbol and arrow on the scope because I didn't realize my eyes were so weak. BM
Hopefully this topic's still active. I have several Ballistic Plex reticles in Burris's, and love them. Combined with Gerald Perry's Exbal ballistics program (he has ballistic reticle analysis options in the program, of which the ballistic plex is one of them), it's pretty darn good.
Yes, I'm still here. Sounds great, I can't wait until it arrives. Should be fun the play with.

P.S., it arrived last Tuesday, but I won't get a chance to look at it until Sunday because I'm out of town.

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