Bad luck area


Jan 1, 2006
Eight months untill deer season for me and I'm stuck watching them. I have a buck about 900 yards off my front porch and every time I walk past the livingroom window I see him. The bugger has been there all week. The rest of the herd should be out shortly. You guys that haveto travel to hunt are so lucky! By the time deer season opens I am so wired it's amazing that I can hit anything. This year was so good(sarcasm)! I spent a grand total of 10 MINUTES. Been watching the buck for 2 months, opening morning the wife and I went out to the north field(1/2mile from the house but can't see it) and there he was just like the last week. 330 Yards, two shots(both hit) and that was that. 4x5 with matching drop tines. The quikest hunt I have had yet.
I am going to haveto go and find some coyotes to shoot if these deer keep spending all day in front of my window. At least if they are out of sight I can pretend that they aren't there. Some of you guys are so LUCKY.

If I deep repeating it I'm sure I'll believe it. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif
Your the lucky one. No self respected drop tine buck spends any time in a field in my area. Some redneck in a pick up would be shooting at him if they could get within a 1/2 mile, regardless of season. Next year you should see if you could whack em off the porch. Now thats the deerstand im talking about. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif
Thats what I am working at but the wife says I can't afford the rifle just yet, not that its stopping me from talking to Kirby on prices and such. Good reason for a new rifle( the 300 Weatherby won't knock um down out there Honey)! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif
What cal are you thinking of rolling with from the house?
I like that.......Honey I am out of coffee and after breakfast you need to help me gut this 14 pointer. I know you cant see him, he's over a half mile out there......
6.5AM with 150 Wildcats. The wife only helps gut them if she goes out with me. She don't count doing dishes and looking out the window as hunting.
Some of the bucks have. Haven't had the time to go out and really check on them in the last month. Last time I was out in my back field there was about a 100 of them and the bucks still had their antlers.
My cousin came out yesterday with his new scope so we put it on his 243 to try it out. Sighted it in at 100yds then I loaded my ballistics program for it. Dailed it in for 400 and he tried a shot. Too late to walk out so we dailed in for 700 and we each tried a couple then had supper so it was to dark to check. Whent out this morning and we were high, looks like his rifle shoots higher than my program. 3-4 inches at 400 and about 12 inches at 700. Had about 7 deer out behind the target at 700 and the bullets were hitting about 50yds short of them. After each shot they would trot about 50 feet. It is really tempting to use them for targets when they are right there. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif Oh-well, guess I will just haveto keep my finger off the trigger till the season opens.
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