Bad decision from USSC


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Feb 10, 2023
West Virginia
8-1 in favor of disarming alledged domestic violence suspects

Thomas dissented.

Yes, Rahimi was a dirtbag. It is why the DOJ pushed this case forward. The ruling is bad though, it gives the anti-2a community leverage since the Judges ruled that historical "surety bonds" are enough of an analog to satisfy Bruen
For those who think this is a good ruling, keep in mind, all it takes is an accusation to completely disarm you under this rule. Lets say your Liberal neighbor lady decides to put the screws to you. All she has to say is you dated at some point in the past and you threatened her. That is are disarmed until you can prove she is lying. What happens if you get an anti-2a judge....boom....permanent protection order and you are disarmed for life.