B&C AlAskan II stock????


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Jan 31, 2008
Alaskan II Model
- Long or Short Action BDL or DBM Full Block & Magnum Barrel Channel (28-30 oz.)
- as close to the proverbial drop-in fit as it gets!
I trying to figure out a stck for my 6.6-06AI that I'm having built. I was first going with a sporter HS but after looking at these I may have changed my mind. I using a #5 shilen barrel. How are these stocks compared to the HS. Is the HS a $130 better? Give me yall opinion on them as far as ruggedness, fit, overall apperence, etc. Thanks, Trent
Im interested as well as I am trying to build a semi-light weight long range rifle (260 rem) and was checking out these stocks. Stockyss has them for $200, I know they come stock on the Rem 700 Alaskan Ti, which is almost a $2000 rifle...
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