AZ elk hunt



I went on my elk hunt on the 20th of this month, didn't get a chance to shoot a big boy or a longrange shot. What I did get to do was shoot a small racked, medium bodied bull at 200yds at a full run. I missed on the 1st shot , then realized that I needed to lead him a bunch. Put the crosshairs on him then panned forward about a full body length and pulled the trigger. I watch him thru the scope do a full 360 degree roll and he landed flat out and decided to take a break from his run.
I was hunting in the White Mountains, about 20 miles south of Eager/ Springerville at approx. 9000 ft. It is hunt Unit #1 which is a trophy area but I didn't see any really big bulls
I was shooting my WinM70 338 WinMag loaded with 250gr Partitions. The bullet hit high, right thru the spine which accounts for the quick kill which happened to be just off the side of the road.
I'll try to post some pics, hope it works.


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Nice shooting Wayne!

I wonder how many pounds of meat you'll get from him. I'll have to look and see what I ended up with from the small moose I got with my LR 200 yard shot.

You're not alone, remember I missed my on my first shot too... ahhh, only he wasn't running!

My offhand practice still needs some sharpening up on.

Hey,full run and 200 yds is quite long range to me... we have this shooting test thing here, a running moose figure at 75 meters. Three hits in the kill zone to get a big game license in the first place.

To hit the lungs one has to lead about... hmm... with a typical 308 load you aim at the beard from 75 meters.

A tough shot at 200. Looks like a nice bull and good eat to me.

Way to go, nice shot!

Ian would be proud of you...(all of his time spent on the running target thingy!)
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