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Feb 26, 2003
Pueblo, CO
Anybody ever use one for LR hunting??-- coyotes, I'm thinking. I've read of chamberings up to and including .284-based cartridges. Any info./experiences to share anyone??
AR style weapons are very accurate!!! More accurate than what you normally read or here about them!!! When coming from a company like SSK Industries, Armalite, Colt, Bushmaster,Olympic, and many other companies with a good reputation they are phenominal.
Just remember when you want accuracy you don't want the GI Joe look alike. In bigger calibers like 300WSM like I believe SSK and Armalite offer you are going to go for a longer barrel. The other things to think about are that the barrel needs to be fat and have the tube grip. I also like flat top models because you can go from scope to night scope to carry handle if you want! If you hand load your own ammo you will love an AR!!!
My Armilite Ar-10T shoots as well or better than amy out of box bolt gun I've shot. Mine is the .308, but they offer is in .243 as well.
Mr. sscoyote,
I enjoy using the AR-10. I have a lower with the National Match two stage trigger,a AR-10 T upper with a Luppy 3.5 x 10 M1. Will hold MOA to 700 if I do my part using Federal Match(168gr, and a litte better with matching handloads using Win. brass. I have not experienced any problems with handloading for the rifle. Just do research for handloading auto-loading rifles, and there should be no problems. The 168 MK will displace considerable amount of tissue on a coyote! I almost lose sleep at night when i think about it
I also have the 20" A-4 upper which I swap out some times to take a walk in the woods during big game season. I find it to be very therapeutic to my well being
I have harvested a Spike Bull Elk with the rifle, and I really enjoy owning and operating it. I think everybody who of are sound mind should own one
I highly recommend them.
I have heard that the High Power boys tried the AR-10 in 243 and found that they have a tendency to throat out rather easily. A gas gun in 300 WSM would be touchy, to say the least. But if one has the disipline to take it slow and easy, they should work fine. I like to rock and roll in semi-auto now and then, so I will stay with the 223 and 308 in gas guns, as they were designed for this type of rifle. And they are both very accurate. Get one and be prepared to have a whole lot of fun
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