SOLD/EXPIRED APS project for sale, Unique opportunity

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    Jun 12, 2004
    Hey guys, had a customer that ordered a rifle around the first of the year that decided he needed to cancel his order with me for time frame reasons and also for the fact that it was taking longer to get dies and brass in then we had originally expected (THANK YOU WASHINGTON DC for the mess you have caused in the firearm industry!!!)

    Anyway, he has asked me if I would put the project up for sale for him. Here are the original specs for the order:

    APS Raptor Hunter Hybrid
    Chambering: 300 Raptor
    -Raptor Hunter Hybrid receiver
    -Lightweight recoil lug
    -Lilja, stainless steel, Custom APS Raptor Stalker barrel contour, 1-10 twist barrel, 28" finish length
    -Barrel fluting
    -Barrel fitting and chambering
    -Small Painkiller muzzle brake and installation
    -Bead Blast matte finish on barreled receiver
    -McMillan Edge HTG tactical stock w/ 1" decelerator, 13.75" LOP, Black painted finish, standard uncle mike swivel studs(two forend, one rear)
    -Pillar bedding
    -Shilen rem 700 trigger with top safety
    -Seekins DM system with 5 round magazine, installation and adjustment
    -300 Raptor custom loading die set
    -100 rounds 300 Raptor brass
    -Shipping hard case
    -Shipping with full value insurance to your smith


    The rifle would look very similar to this except for it does not have the adjustable Cheek Piece.


    The kicker with this project is that when the customer placed the order, the 300 Raptor was in its very early R&D stages. Over the next several months, the 300 Raptor transformed from using the 338 Excalibur brass for a parent case to using a completely new design made by Bertram brass. This new case is extremely long with a case length of 3.070" in length. As such, it will be quite cramped in the 3.900" Seekins DM system. With long range match bullets or any tipped bullets, it may be to long to fit in the magazine box while seating the bullets to the lands.

    SO, there are options here. Basically, the customer wants to sell his project. Currently, He has a deposit down on the rifle of $2464 which started us off with the project.

    The deal for this project is that if someone wanted to purchase this project, they would have to come up with the $2464 amount now which would take over the project and put it in the new customers name and the old customer would be paid off.

    Then, what you would be looking at is a rifle project that would take roughly 1/2 the amount of time as a regular APS Raptor rifle would.

    There are also options to change chamberings in this project if someone wanted something other then the 300 Raptor which again, from the end design of the 300 Raptor, it would not be the best match for this project.

    Pretty much anything based on a 338 Lapua head sized case could be chambering in this rifle and I would be willing to even change caliber and replace the barrel if someone would prefer something else.

    Possible chambering options would include:

    7mm Allen Magnum
    300 Allen Xpress
    338 Lapua
    338 Allen Xpress
    375 Allen Xpress

    Again, basically what you would be doing is paying off the first 50% of the rifle to get the rifle put into your name and owning the project. The balance on the rifle will not be due until the rifle is accuracy tested, proven and ready to ship to you

    And again, you would have the option to change the chambering of the rifle to anything based on a Lapua class head diameter. I would also agree to go with a larger barrel contour, up to a #7 Lilja contour and longer, up to 30" if someone wanted to build a more dedicated long range rifle. The HTG stock works VERY well for a medium weight rifle platform so we are pretty flexible here. Basically, the fixed componants are the Raptor receiver and McMillan HTG stock, other then that we can be pretty flexible on upgrades or changes any new customer may want.

    Again, this is NOT A COMPLETED rifle, your simply taking over a project and cutting 1/2 the normal shipping time off the project. As such, customer is asking for $2464 to take ownership of the project.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me at my e-mail address [email protected]

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
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    Jul 31, 2010
    Wow that would be sweet. Way to many dollars short damn. Kirby very nice rig hope sells quick. Good luck.
  3. SAM1980

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    Aug 4, 2013
    I'm interested in taking over the project I have sent email with contact info.
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    Jun 12, 2004
    Reply sent.
  5. Fiftydriver

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    Jun 12, 2004
    Sold Pending Funds.

    Thanks guys.