Apex Outdoors - New Product Launch! - .308 166gr Target Bullet


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Dec 31, 2019
Magnolia, TX
Hello everyone!

We are excited about the launch of this particular bullet designed to maximize performance in a 1:10" twist barrel! At only 166gr but with a measured G7 of .293 (@ 2900-3000 fps), this bullet surpasses the BC for almost all 175gr - 205gr competitors' bullets designed for this twist. Like our flagship Afterburner hunting bullet, this target bullet has our patent pending geometry providing improved accuracy potential and reduced barrel friction, heating, and fouling. This proves even more critical in competition where shot count can climb quite high in a short amount of time. With the lighter weight and lower bore friction allowing extremely high muzzle velocities, time to target is significantly reduced and supersonic flight maintained at greater distances.

We now have plenty of these in stock! Come and check them out at the link below!



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