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Mar 27, 2005
corpus christi,tx
Here's my aoudad i shot at the ranch out in Fort Davis last year. I had it mounted by Troy at Shur's Taxidermy on Rodd field RD. I have been trying to get a good aoudad for a long time around 15years. But never could make it happen for one reason are another. But i know after we got the ranch out west with a good size herd on it. it was going to be just a matter of time being i could go hunt they any time i wanted and not cost me any thing. I could have killed a 100 of them up close r in a high fence but that's not my thing. I want to shoot mine at the over 500 yards i preferred it to be a 1000 yards are more just didn't happen. So i started to hunting them soon as we got the ranch 4 years ago. The ranch is 30,000ac of prime aoudad country. but its a 9 hour drive one way from my house. It turned out that Me and an aoudad coming together just wasn't going to be an ease deal just like the year before every trip out something just always happened. I made 10 trips out to the ranch trying to close the deal. Finally last Nov it came together. We hunted them for 4 days and after about 5-6 tries with no luck i was about to give up and head home. The evening before i headed home we spotted them up on a mountain side at 850Yard about an hour and a half before dark. i was able to get out and set up for the shot. I guess my wind call was off a little as i thought the wind was a full value wind coming at 90* to me but it wasn't it was blowing up the mountain just enough to pick my bullet up. as i broke the shot i see him jump up shaking his head and walk over the top of the mountain. My friend said that i had shot right over his front shoulder. I could not believe i had blew the shot. We knew where they where headed so we hauled but around the mountain and had to walk in 1.5miles to find them. when we got around the mountain there they where eating just over the top and the two big rams where in front one eating and the other was bedded down. After glassing them for 5-10 min i told my friend that i was going for the one bedded down cause if i had hit the other one any where i figured it would be the one bedded down. So i ranged them they where at 565 yards straight across a valley. i set up for the shot at the brake of the trigger i saw his head just fall back. My 300gr Berger had found its mark and he never moved. by the time we got back to the truck it was already dark we had to drive 3 mile one way to get the mule to try and get up the mountain to get him so after years of it not working out and 2 long hard hours of mountain climbing. i finally got to put my hands on a very long hard coming trophy. he measured 30 1/4" and 29 3/4" being i broke the tip off comeing down the mountain he came in at a total of 104 2/8 putting him in the record book as a broze metal ram.

O and come to find out on the first shot at 850 yards the wind had pick up my bullet just enough to hit him right in the middle of his right horn so i have a nice 338 cal bullet hole though the right horn. no wonder he was shaking his head. Its hard to read the wind out there when i'm use to shooting mostly on south Texas flat land

Sounds like a great hunt and a beautiful animal. Congrats! I was lucky enough to go on an aoudad hunt this February and hope to plan one again in the near future. They are amazing animals!
Jeff thanks for sharing. Great animal and great story. The value of your trophy is proportunal to the effort. You have a true trophy.
Congrats that is a great Ram I hope that I will be able to give it a shot this year. From what everyone has said it is a great hunt and can become a little addicting!!!

Long time hunter but first time poster here (I just found this website about an hour ago!)

Jeff: Thanks for the story and the photos. I have my first auodad hunt planned for late September near where you were hunting. I am planning on about a 350 or 400 yard shot. Noted you were shooting a 300 grn bullet, what rifle / scope / caliber were you shooting please?

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