Aoudad bullet selection.


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Dec 3, 2017
ok so I've been poking around on here, doing a lot of searching online, making a lot of phone calls, and sending a bunch of emails.
I've finally got a hunt booked for Aoudad in west texas. so now to prepare.
I planning on buying a new rifle soon, waiting on the new Bergara HMRs in 300WM. So I'll be doing load development for it anyways. I already have a 300wm so I'm pretty familiar with loading for it and I've been shooting 180gr accubonds for years. this year I've been playing around with the berger 215 hybrids and they have been shooting great.
so my question is what bullet for aoudad. I've heard they are tough and everyone seems to recommend a good bonded bullet. will the 215s work or should I look at something else?
Sky is the limit ,use what ya want,reloading my passion, I target shoot more then hunt ,but there's great bullets out there for us all to choose so be happy,don't worry , n shoot straight !
Why not just use the 180 gr accubonds? Nothing breathing that won't succumb to that pill.
I wouldn't think twice about using it on game up to moose.
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I have shot 3 Aoudad with the 215 and they don't move a muscle when you anchor them in the front shoulder. I have shot several elk, deer, and antelope with this round and it is a true performer. Everyone has what they like, but for me this a no brainer. 215 grains of nock down vs smaller... I have this going 3000fps in my 300 with H-1000 78 grains no signs of pressure.. Win brass and fed 215 primer non match grade.
Can't say enough good about this round... I have all my friends and family using it now and the animals just keep stacking up.. No tracking yet.. LOL.
so right now I've got 215s headed out of 24" barrel at 2850fps. with a 26" tube I'm hoping for 2900fps. If I can get the 215s to fly right I'll probably try those.
My son-in-law took his first ever big game animal, a big bull elk, with the 215 Hybrid 2 years ago. Elk went 6 feet. 4' straight down, and rolled downhill once. 432 yards

That same bullet took my cousin's first elk the year before, and my 12 year old daughter's 2nd elk the same year. Each elk went exactly 0 steps. One @ 160, one @ 200.

I would think Aoudad would not handle the bullet quite as well, and may literally disappear in a puff of smoke. Or.....drop on the spot too. will work we shot a ewe and a small ram 2 weeks ago with a 95 grain 6mm bullet out of a 243 WSSM yep, a 215 grain 30 cal will hammer them if you place it right.
I have taken 2 Aoudad with Bergers. Both shot out of my 6.5x284 140g vlds. One was at 250 yards other was at 542 both dropped in their tracks.
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