Anyone shooting the 300Rem.S.A.Ultra Mag.

Nov 3, 2003
I picked one up last 5th of July and have shot this past summer out to 600yds. This fall I took a nice 4x4 mule deer@265yds, and a 6x6 bull elk @ 575yds. I have done some reloading but took the game with 165gr factory loads. Cronyed at 2975-3000fps only, handloads about the same. Thinking of getting a 300 full blown Rem Ultra Mag. Outlaw
Some might disagree with me but the Rem SAUM will always play second fiddle to the WSM.
Reaming it out to a WSM or a RUM ain't a bad idea.
I agree with chris on short mags,i'll take the winchester with a 35 degree shoulder any day.
Thanks guys, but there's really not a dimes bit of differance between the two at least that any deer or elk would know about or could tell. And yes the WSM was first and will out sell the RSM which is the under dog but it will do eveything the WSM will and if it dosen't its so close it dosen't matter. Thats the real world. Thanks Outlaw.

P.S. By the way you can't rechamber the Rem S.A.Mag to RUM, its a longer action then the short mag. It just wont work unless the short was made on a longer action in the first place. Its not at least in a factory rifle,I guess if someone wanted too they could build a short mag on a coustom long action. But why when they could go with the RUM. in the first place!
I am shooting a 300 SAUM and really like it. I call it my 308 Fatso. Think of it along the lines of a souped up 308 instead of a scaled down 300 RUM and you are in the right frame of mind for what you can do with this cartridge.
I don't know why everyone immediately compares it to the 300 WSM. There is plenty of room for short 30 cal guns. If we all had to standardize we would all be shooting a 30-06.
No reaming to be done. At about 2.85" magazine length I could not even put an empty RUM case in it.
QH, Outlaw

Obviouslt Rem hurried the SAUM to the market to compete with the WSM... if you look at sales... IMHO the SAUM won't be around very long... now the RUM will... You can rebarrel the RSAUM to a RUM just single feed it and have to extract the bolt to extract a round...

QH you are right about the SAUM being a souped up 308.. which is why I have moved on from my 308.. but the WSM can do some pretty amazing things...

2850+ with 190 and 200 gr bullets
3000 fps with 168 and 175 gr bullets

not quite 300WM performance but alot better than the 30-06 and I think much better than the 30-06AI all out of a SA...
Interestingly Armalite is making an AR-10 in 300SAUM. They claim the brass is better than the 300WSM.

Posted a bit fast- I didn't mean ream it out to RUM as we all know there is no way it will go in a SA. What I meant was ream it out to WSM or GET a RUM.
You are right a deer can't tell the difference dead is dead, definitely preaching to the choir here.
But the other guys are right, the 300 RSAUM is a hyped up 308 not a replacement for the 300 Win Mag. And it will probably go the way of the dodo eventually.
Not saying it's a bad round or the WSM is better, just saying that when wanting something more than a 308 or 06, most people shoot the WSM.
For example to date I have built 20 or so WSMs, RSAUMs 0, RUMS maybe 10.
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR> 2850+ with 190 and 200 gr bullets
3000 fps with 168 and 175 gr bullets

I can do that. No problem with the 300 SAUM. Will even shoot over your chrono.

I have not had great accuracy at those exact speeds though. I shoot a 165 partition and 168 TSX over Varget at 2970 (Average) accuratly. Groups get bigger above that speed in mine. Pressure signs (extractor mark) shows up at 3150 on most loads using 165 bullet.
I have pushed the Accubond at 2930, but accuracy was not there. Will spend more time playing with it after seasons are over.
Rifle is a model 700

I cannot dispute the WSM is more popular. I would not be the person who says either is better. I can say I REALLY like my 300 SAUM. I just hope I get enough of a warning before it loses the popularity contest and dies so I can by a whole bunch of brass.

I get those velocities without pressure signs and have more room to push faster.. I have 1/4 MOA accuracy with the 168's at 3000fps... I have less than 1/2 MOA accuracy at 3000 fps with the 175's...

Simply put the WSM has more capacity... that fact alone makes it more popular...

Not saying you have a bad caliber you have a nice one...again simply put Rem has the UM and Win has the WSM...
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>Anyone been able to access Armalite's website? No luck here...
Maybe it changed?

This link worked for me:

I don not think the capacity has made the WSM more popular - the general hunting public does not know the differenc. I think marketing and timing have made the difference. Maybe the true shortness of the SAUM will be enough to make it last - maybe not. I think they both deserve a great future.
In case you guys haven't heard the recent rantings of my 30 Gibbs exploits, I will throw them in now.

Performance is identical to the RSAUM and a bit behind the WSM. I shoot 165gr SST at 2950fps with a max vel just under 3100fps. Sound familiar. I bet the amount of powder used would be almost the same. Case volume certainly is.

I call this my long skinny magnum. So for those who don't mind a 1/2" longer action, unlimited supply of cheap brass, a bit of fireforming, and a few extra rds in the mag, the Gibbs might just outlive all of them.

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