anyone shoot the 30/378 wby mag

Yep, For 3,4 years as well. My favorite woodchuck rifle at the moment. While it served me very well as an Accumark, I have been converting it over to a loooong range rifle. Accuracy when working with it was better than any rifles I had owned prior. I have since learned the accuracy potential of custom tubes having built a 16 pound 300 Weatherby bench gun. I have also learned the advantages of extra weight to keep things stable (dampen heartbeats) when going very long.

I now own a really good Rem 300 RUM that takes 200 grainers to within 100 fps of the Weatherby with similar accuracy. 800 and under critters will be sought with this rifle now. For this reason I am taking the Wby up a notch this winter and installing a 34 inch tube. I figure this with its Tooley MBR stock should give the rifle a platform that will make the firebreathing cartridge truly shine. Mile varmints are the new goal for my 30-378!

Nice pics by the way!

While Looking for a for a rifle for elk & bear I decided on a Accumark in 30x378.

The Weatherby never let me down with factory
or reloads in the 180 & 200gr loading.

The down side was that the muzzle blast was unbearable requiring ear plugs for hunting.

Sooooo-- Like Hoyteman I elected to screw a
28" #7 tapered tube with no muzzle brake to
cure this condition.

With the heavy barrel felt recoil is good
and velocity and accuracy are better.

In fact the 200gr hand load exceeds 3500ftps
using H50BMG

I like Hoyteman,s idea about a 34" tube.

The reason I chose the 28" was to keep the
overall length about the same as the Accumark with muzzle brake.

This rifle is heavy but steady when hunting and will outshoot me.

The answer to your statement is "Me To".


own a few custom built long range hunting rifles but my favorite is a 30-378 wby with a 30 in. tube .am shooting 210 bergers at 3350fps 1/2 m.o.a. my load is 101gr. h-1000 210gr. bergers
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