Anyone Shooting The 284 Win.?

Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by gcollins, Dec 19, 2011.

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    Sep 17, 2011
    Hi All,
    Most of you guys know that I don't know much about all the new shooting stuff in the last 15 years! Here allmost 2 years ago I put togehter a 243WSSM on the AR 15 platform and I am getting closer to getting it to shoot like it should:rolleyes: Because of my health I don't get to do the things I want and for sure I don't get to put the time in as I should!
    Planning way in advance, I have started putting idea's down on paper. A couple of months ago (could be 6 months) I watched a video of a group of guys shooting out to 1400yds I believe:rolleyes: Because of my injury I am very cautious of Recoilgun)gun)gun)gun)a few bad shot's in a afternoon can cause weeks of regret's, Sorry!! the video was awesome and well done! They started off with the 50 cal they had there and you could plainly see how far back it was pushing who ever was shooting it, then they shot the 7mmRM and you wouldn't call the 7 mag a light recoil rifle!
    And then they got out a rifle that looked like the 7mag but with a nicer profile barrel ect., when they shot it I thought it was a 243 Winchester and I don't believe it was showing as much as a 243 might have! So I had to get all the details and I found it to be a 7mmWSM with a good break! So like a lot of things I do I set out to make a 7mmWSM a new project! All that I have been doing is reading and talking to folks to get all the info I could get. Back when I was working on my 243WSSM I had a lot of folks from that forum that were real nice to me and I became a friend I hope to a couple of them, one of guys just got threw building a new long range rifle and it turned out being a 284 Win., after several emails my friend sent a lot of info and links to study and it seems that the 284 will run right up there with the 7mmWSM and a lot less case problems! Maybe the only good thing about my injury has slowed me way down!!!! Like I said I don't do 1 1/8th the stuff that I did and to keep my mind busy I have to have to bedoing something, , I have a small lathe and 2 small mills and I have made some stuff but I have no training on how to run either machine, but now I have it in my head that I am going to find a OLD CHEAP action and I have a old barrel, so I am going to make a lathe fixture to hold the action perfectly in the lathe chuck I am going to square the action up and then re thread the barrel! I have plans on re chamberbing the barrel, re thread the barrel ,if I can come up with a reamer that isn't areal high , I have one but it was broke when I got it.
    And more than likely I will decide to have some one do the work.
    So what do you all think about the 284 Winchester?
    Sorry for the long post!
  2. frequent misser

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    Dec 24, 2005
    The 284 is a great round and still has a following with the f class crowd. You didn't really state what your intentions were for your build or how heavy you would like it to be. I say that because to even scare 7 wsm velocities you are going to have to run a 28-30 inch barrel. Also if you don't reload you probably aren't going to find much to feed it any more, but with all that being said it is a wonderfully accurate little round. The 6.5/284 has become increasingly more popular and does offer the choice of factory ammo with slightly less recoil. Just some food for thought, good luck with your project.
  3. SpencerSS

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    Mar 29, 2011
    I like it. It'll push the 162Amax to 2800-2900, depending on barrel length. This is mine, recoil might be a bit much for you in this one (7.5lbs rifle, no brake); build a little heavier and/or add a muzzle brake and it will push like a 223rem. The only problem is trying to squeze this cartrige into a short action, I kinda pulled it off in this rifle, but I recomend a LA. Then you might also look at a 280AI.