Anyone got a 7mm-06?


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Feb 25, 2008

I was just wondering if anyone got or has used a necked down 3006 to 7mm?

I see more and more around my parts that the 7mm-08 is beginning to become more and more popular.

Just thinking a 3006 shooting 7mm 168 bergers wouldn be that bad :)

I know a few that has 6,5-06 and its a nice round aswell.
One of the main reasons you don't see that caliber is there is already one made. The 280 Reminton and 280 Ackley Improved are the equivelant to the 7mm-06. Take a look at those calibers and their info and you will see what I mean.

liltank is correct, but there would be one advantage to a 7mm/06 over the .280, lapua brass without fire forming. The .280 case is a tad longer than the 06 case.
Remington moved the shoulder forward on the 280 Remington as compared to the 270 and 30-06 I believe as a safety precaution. It prevents the 280 from being chambered and fired in a 270.
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