Anybody Form 1 A Wish Solvent Trap/Suppressor?


Nov 6, 2015
Gallipolis, OH
Hello fellow humans,

I wondered if anyone has ran a Form 1 on any of the bevy of solvent traps on Wish/Aliexpress/Alibaba/etc?

I’d like to see and/or hear your results as I’m pretty sure I’d be better off getting a cheap American made suppressor instead but I thought I’d entertain the idea for a moment.

Thanks in advance...


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Jan 21, 2016
Colorado Springs, CO
Don't do it, you'll most likely loose the suppressor/solvent trap.

I had a buddy in Missouri file for a form1, and order a wish solvent trap-- the trap was confiscated at customs as its illegal to ship or receive suppressors from China

Us customs sent him a letter stating he had 2 weeks to provide documentation that it was not a suppressor-- he lost his $ from wish and had to figure out where to get parts in the US to build his own so the form 1 wasn't a loss too.
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Jan 1, 2011
San Antonio, TX
I got 1 a few years ago from a guy who had a letter from ATF stating he was legal selling solvent trap kits, I got my form 1 did it all legal, but some months later the guy had the feds show up and shut him down, not sure how everything worked out for him in the end, but apparently they went back on their ruling and that dude was screwed.
As far as my suppressor goes, it's on a .308win and does a good job reducing sound and recoil to make the rifle comfortable to shoot without hearing protection. Certainly not completely silent but does a great job increasing comfort.
If you dont have access to equipment to truly build one from scratch I would highly recommend buying a cheap one already built...I'm not trying to achieve Hollywood results with mine, I just want to make things more comfortable so my opinion differs from most people running cans