Any experience with Gunwerks Werkman?


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Dec 28, 2007
seeing as the 5000 has a scope to it and has already been proven as they shoot the factory ammo out of it to build turret you are not just hoping the gun will shoot the factory ammo well. sounds like a great deal to me for someone wanting to shoot factory ammo


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May 22, 2022
I bought the rifle package based on the good reviews I’ve read online on Gunwerks and the opinion of my ffl transfer guy who is a competitive long range shooter who got a Werkman through his shop a few weeks ago and said it looked very well built.

They shipped it out today, I should have a range report and some grouping photos by next week.
Well, any news on your first range report? I expect you'll be very happy. I took a Gunwerks course last year and all of the Magnus' on the line shot lights out. Most accurate, easiest to shoot accurately rifle I've ever used. I've got a Fierce Edge in 7RM I hunt with and a Tikka CTR in a KRG Bravo stock I use for shooting courses/long range shooting that I really like. I plan to replace both with a Gunwerks Nexus.