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Jan 4, 2006

Well the barrel and action went off the the smith for fitting- Hart barrel, rem 700 action, chambered for a 300 win mag.

Now looking to find some glass for it, I have some time but also have some money burning a hole in my pocket.

Rifle is going to be my main hunting rifle, shots mainly to 400 but want to start shooting out to 600 and change, longer if I can find a longer range.

Money is a bit of a option but my solely- could also save up with some more waiting. Really just want something to start working with dialing in for elevation,,,,,,,,,,,,,but the zeiss rapid z has caught my interest as well

Another big thing is minum magnafication, was looking at 3-4, I live in AK and always at least plan for the brown flash at close range (never happened yet, hopefully never) But had a finishing shot on a blackie at 10 feet this year so..

I was looking at the 3-12 nikon monarch, and the leupold 4.5X14's and the zeiss 4.5X14's

Not sure about the 4.5 though, plan to test a bit with a scope turned up but think its going to be a bit too much

Any others I should look at? Nikon seems to be the only one in that range, but the zeiss with the rapid z looks pretty interesting, though it seems like a bit of a crap shoot if your ballistics match up to the reticle? But its a SFP so it shoulf keep the crosshair size down.

Just looking for something that has a reputation for being repeatable, and optically sound

Thoughts, kind of a scattered post, but wanted to get some opinions

Your requirement of the low power for the close encounters throws a bit of a kink in things. My close encounters, both actual and expected, aren't by things that eatcha. Except for the occasional grizzly. However, for my definition of close and the country I hunt it gives me a comfortability range of 4.5 to 6.5

Go to this thread and scroll down (slowly:)) till you get to the Zeiss discussion. I'm thinking seriously of changed the reticle on my Zeiss 6.5-20 from the duplex to the Z-plex.

Also from carrying around a 4.5-14 Weaver Tactical on a 338 RUM, I feel comfortable to be able to get a quick accurate shot up close, as in feet, if necessary. The 14x is plenty for long range shooting also.

I'm bettin' that after your testing you'll jump on the Zeiss. Check the sponsors here for a decent deal.
I have a Zeis 4.5x14 rapid z-800 on my remington sendero - 300 win mag. The lines do not match up exactly with the yardage - this is not a problem - you can go to the Zeis website and use their ballistiic calculator. This will get you the yardages that the crosshairs will be on. Go to the range - start shootin and make a drop chart.
The optics are excellent - I like it better than my leupolds.
Give the customer service folks at Zeis a call - they are great to talk to
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Thanks guys

Changed my thinking a little,, I have come to the conclusion that 4.5 is just going to be too much for me. I'm just thinking back to a earlier moose hunt and really, on that trip a 100 yard shot would have been very far for the cover, and much, much closer could have been a possibility.

But then again, the sheep hunt, would have been nice with 14X

But for my primary weapon I'm thinking of going with the 3.5X10X44 zeiss, gets a bit more than the 9. I'm thinking this combo will still work out to 600.

Going with the zeiss for quality and shopping around you are not actually paying too much more than the nikon, untill you start talking about the rapid z!

Am I correct in thinking the z plex is going to be a FFP and if I go with the rapid z than I'm talking SFP? You do pay quite a bit more for that reticle, I'm just debating between the 2, and if its worht the extra cost.

Anyone with experience with the rapid z,,,,in terms of accuracy and effect of the SFP, or the zeiss optics for repeatability of turret changes,, returning to zero, etc.

Thanks guys, appreciate it!
I have never used one, so cant attest for their optical quality... But maybe you should look at a Bushnell 6500.... You can get a 2.5-16x50, which should cover everything you want to do with it in terms of magnification...
The rapid z 800 is worth the extra money. No need to dial in out to 800 yards - plus or minus depending on what the ballistic calculator and range work show you.
I believe Zeis has a rebate going on - also call optic zone for pricing.
My buddy has the bushnell - the zeis is hands down better. Find somebody locally and go look at both.
You will fiend, from my experience, that with the great optics and the proper reticle, that 10x on the upper end will serve you well.

I've shot to 1K with a good 10x and it was just fine. 14 to 22x was just finer.:)
Can't go wrong with a Nikon Monarch. Just put a 4x16x42sf on my Rem. 700 SPS Varmint .243. The quality is just as good if not better than my Leupold VX-1.
Well, I was able to look at both the zeiss and nikon tonight. Granted it was the 3x9x40 conquest and the 3-12-42 nikon monarch.

Did not have them outside but they both, more or less were nice scopes.

Either the 10X on the zeiss or the 12X of the nikon is where I'm going. And really what I'm thinking more of is dialing in for range. (I'm thinking off keeping a uncluttered reticle and just dialing for elevation, and wind) Also,,,hopefully, I'll learn more this way,

So to that effect, how the heck do you dial in a Zeiss, theres no numbers there, so its a click and count type deal?? Or get a Kenton turret, that Zeiss has to install, according to Kenton

Or the nikon route and use their aftermarket turrets? Easier and more affortable,,,,

According to my software at 600yds with my anticipated load I'll need 10.06MOA adjustment Thats alot of dialing with no numbers to follow,,,,,,how are you fellas with conquests getting it done?
One last thought as well,,,

What about the new Leupold VX-III with the CDX? From the website, you get a custom turret designed to your load,,, I'll need to do more research but seems like a decent avenue.

thoughts? Or does anyone have one of these? It would seem like maybe they changed their turret design,, I thought just the custom shop installed these, it sounds like they send you one to install,,, might make for getting ones aftermarket easier?
I have the rapid z 800 reticule. It does not have target turrets. The rapid z works great for what I am doing now - out to 800 yds. I could send it back to zeis and they will install their target turrets for $119. No need to do it now - maybe someday - their target turrets do have whitemarkings on them.

Researching is fun - enjoy - don't just settle for something - get what you want - it may cost a little more now but you will be happier long term.

Good luck
Thanks MN Hunter, I agree, researching is good stuff, this is a good site.

I really love to shoot, reload, hunt, fish. I've always been happy with my rifles but shot a friends ultra accurate custom build and I'm basically following his recipe. So hope to have the gun thats up to the task of short and long range accuracy. And really, the 300 yard range is getting old, maybe not old but kind of getting like shooting a bow at 30yds, and for someone who likes to shoot, why not see what you can do at longer ranges?

I've really have been a leupold man but was very impressed with an older 3-9-40 monarch I bought last fall, super nice optics.

Just know my basic requirements,
-Light, (this is a walking around rifle)
-Good optics
-3X on the min side, or 3.5X
-Most importantly, repeatable dialing, and from what I've read here seems like its a crap shoot with any maker (in my price range) , so looking at warranty as well, and I've had great service from both leupold and zeiss,,,,,,,not sure about nikon, but both my binos and spotter are nikons and no troubles there in the 5 years I've owned them

I'll keep researching,
I have a 6.5-20x50mm Zeiss with rapid Z 1000 on my 6.5 Sherman. Optics are excellent and click repeatability as well. I bought the r-z as backup but mainly use the turrets for long range. I like the fact that they have 20 minutes of elev. adjustment per rotation......Rich
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