Another Sako gets reborn **Range**


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Jul 13, 2009
Border City (on the poor side}:-()
Christmas came early this year, just in time to get a 1/2 decent load worked up for hunting I hope. ;)

This little beauty was built from 2 different rifles. The action came in a trade earlier this year from a fellow way up north. This is by far the smoothest A action I have ever owned (and I've owned a few). I cycles incredibly smooth.

The stock was from another trade. I had to have it inleted for the bigger trigger assembly this action sports. It was pillar bedded & I decided to remove the ugly red factory pad in exchange for a nice decelerator pad.

Here are the specs on the build.

#2 26" Ted Gaillard barrel (turned down to factory Sako shank size) 1-8 twist matte finish chambered in 264 Win Mag.
Factory Laminate stock pillar bedded & decelerator pad installed. 14" LOP.
Factory trigger tuned to 2 1/2lbs.
Talley mounts & rings
Leupold VXIII 4.5x14x40mm B&C reticule
Nosler brass & 140gr Accubonds (powder charge yet to be determined) RL25 to start with though.

Virgin trip to the range tomorrow.






I am sure it will shoot good just like all of Teds barrels do.
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Re: Another Sako gets reborn

Nice lookin rifle. gun) Never heard of Ted Gaillard or Gaillard barrels. Cut rifled or button rifled?

Who did the gunsmithing work? Did that Sako receiver have to be drilled and tapped for the Talley mounts?

Guess I'll do a Google search and see what I can find on Gaillard.
Re: Another Sako gets reborn

Lets set aside the fact that the rifle looks great and made me drool.
You have done a very nice job with the photography
Re: Another Sako gets reborn

Great looking rig, congratulations!!!
You did it again with the pictures:) that is some talent!!!
Re: Another Sako gets reborn

A C Douglas Gunsmithing

Craige Douglas

518B 47Th St E
Saskatoon Sk
S7K 4L3


Very happy with his work.

Button rifled. Canada's top barrel maker IMO. RKS (Ron Smith) barrels are good as well though. His are cut rifled, but not hand lapped. Teds are as smooth as a baby's bottom when he is done lapping them. This is barrel #4 from him. Every one has been a shooter.

Well I made it out to the range early this AM again. Today & Friday are my last 2 days I have a chance to get there before hunting starts.

It is a terrible windy day here today. Not an ideal range day by any stretch of the imagination, but when the clock is ticking, what are you going to do?

So I braved the weather & gave it my best shot.

I had 6 different loads to try today(all 140gr Accubonds), well actually 5. I had 5 rounds of 61gr RL25 left over that I planned to use for fouling shots.

The first 2 were 64gr RL25 & 59gr RL22. RL25 was around the 3100 FPS range & RL22 was in the 3000 FPS range. Groupings are about the same.


Next was 60gr RL22 at an average of 3040 FPS, you can also see the group of 61gr RL25 in this photo. They are around 2950 FPS.
I could see marks on the head of the brass with 60gr RL22 which tells me we are getting some pressure.


Last was 65gr RL25 & 64.5gr RL25. I am not sure ig the 65gr load was me or if it is that bad, but that's what happened? Around 3125 FPS with 65gr & 3110 FPS with the 64.5gr load. Now the 64.5gr load caught my attention. The one flier was me for sure, a gust of wind kicked up when I pulled the trigger. It was the last round & I only had 3 rounds loaded, so I couldn't try a 4th.

I know my last 264 WM shot very well with 64gr RL25, so it does make sense being it is only 1/2gr difference we are talking about.

At least I know this load will be good enough to get me through a hunting season. I can do some more testing next year when I have more time.


I am going to have to try & get my hands on some US869 powder.
My old 264 WM shot extremely well with old H870 & was in the 3250 FPS range, but I don't have any left :( I understand that US869 is very very close to H870.

Well at least it is coming together now with some 1/2 decent speeds. On a better day I should be able to tighten those groups up some more.
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