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Jan 17, 2003
Ft. Hood TX
Hi Everybody, I have read this Forum for about 9 months. I have been a silent Listener since then. A lot of good information has come from this Forum to help me a long the Way for Long Range Hunting. I appreciate the Help everyone gives one another.
I shoot a 6.5 WSM Tactical, I hunt and wanted to shoot Competitions as well. I am always looking for information on the 6.5 WSM and always willing to share information that I Have. Yes, I shoot MatchKings for Hunting as well. I have shot them for about 10 Years, thanks to my Dad. He has known about the MatchKing Hunting success for quite awhile. I am glad to be a Member!!

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6.5 WSM- Rem.700 Action. 28" Kreiger Tube with Muzzle break. Tactical Stock from HS Precision. Leupold 8.5 x 25x50 LRT. 142 MatchKings only. I use H1000 & Retumbo and I have not figured out which one I like best. I shoot 65 gr of H1000 & 66.5 Retumbo they are very low pressures for the Rifle. I have a Chrony, puts them at 3180 to 3200 fps and that is for both powders. .225" groups for both as well. Both Powders are very sensitive in this Rifle-a half a grain either way can put me around 1" groups. I have tried 68 gr Retumbo, groups fell off to 1.25, but would take them 142 MK over 3325 fps. 500 YDS is far as I tested the Rifle due to Weather. Has about 200 rounds through it. The Rifle saved me about $4000. I shot by biggest buck at 505 yds this past Nov. I figured guide service for this Buck would of been $4000, if not for the New Rifle I would of never took the shot. Michael
He welcome to the forum..

Got pics of this rifle...

who built it, who has the reamer?

what type of stock you shooting...

I have heard alot of good things about this round.. but just not sure if it beats the 6.5/284.... I get the same performance as you posted....
Wyowhisper, Evolution USA made the Rifle. Out of Whitebird Idaho (ED, is the Name) It has Mod. 700 Long Action, PST 26 Tactical Stock. 28"Kreiger tube 1-8.5 twist. I know a lot of guys who shoot 6.5-06 & 6.5-284. I actually almost had it made in the 6.5-06. With these two I know you really have to stand on it to get the speed. Although they both shoot really well with Max Pressures I thought I would try the 6.5 WSM Case. I actually had this Design almost 2 1/2 years ago before Winchester came out with it. To be honest I thought 3300 fps was more practical with good groups. I could Probably get it to shoot .225 groups at this speed but I would worry about Barrel wear. As far as apples to apples I would not hurry to switch to the 6.5 WSM. However I due think the 6.5 WSM Case is the best case for the 6.5 and at around 3200 fps good groups and good barrel Life and Low pressures. Besides there is just so much powder that you can push down a 6.5 Bore. I think I am there. But you can really crank up the Little Case. I can get 3330 with 140 Amax. groups about.5 to .75. Not that bad of pressure signs. But I like those 142 mk for accuracy and for Hunting they are excellent. Michael
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