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Jan 24, 2010
I want to build a rifle for 1000yrd and under deer hunting. This is what I plan on doing so far. Stevens 200 LA w/ .30 boltface for action, Hart 26" w/brake in .300 rum, SSS trigger around 1.5#, custom composite stock and nikon or kahles glass. Does this sound like a good set up for what I want and are there any ideas or things I should do to the action. I'm on somewhat of a budget.

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What caliber are you thinking? A .30 bolt face will only fit small bore calibers such as the .223 Remington. You won't have enough pooh to kill anything at 1000yrds accept paper.

Now if you are talking a .30cal then the skies the limit. We would just have to have a little more info as to what magnum you are looking for. Just give us a little more clarity on the caliber and bolt face and we can go from there.

Sorry completely forgot to put cal. barrel choice. Thinking hart 26' w/brake in .300 rum.

Thanks for the help.
Sorry completely forgot to put cal. barrel choice. Thinking hart 26' w/brake in .300 rum.

Thanks for the help.

You did not forget it's in your first post or at least I can see it. Anyway that setup will do you just fine with some good handloads although I personally don't like the .30 cal for long range shooting due to the low BC but lots of people love them. Good luck in your quest
I personally don't like the .30 cal for long range shooting due to the low BC

How so? .5 and .7 is considered low? Please explain...... no attitude intended, I am new to the long range world so this is an honest question, but I thought those are considered high BC's.

Replied before I edited I'll figure this posting thing out sooner or later. Anyway was kinda wondering about cal. don't really have a preference, lighter the recoil the better I guess. Been longbow hunting for 10 yrs looking for a change with challenge.

What twist are you looking at? If you are going with a 1:11 twist or faster you will be fine. Shoot the 210gr Berger vld and your good to go. The .300 rum will do anything you want it to do. As far as bc goes you will be able to push them fast enough to overcome a low bc bullet if you choose one. You could always go with one of the big .338's but with more recoil. Happy shooting!!
There are plenty of bullets in 30 caliber to choose from that will work great for thousand yard hunting. The first to come to mind are the following:

208grn. Hornady A-Max= .648 BC
200grn. SMK (Sierra Match King)= .560 BC
210grn SMK= .645 BC
240grn SMK= .711 BC
210grn Berger= .631 BC
200grn Nosler Accu-Bond=.588 BC
210grn JLK= .690+ BC

All of these bullets listed are very good bullets for taking deer size game at 1000 yards with the RUM. The RUM can produce enough velocity with any of these bullets to maintain the velocity and energy necessary to take game at extended ranges.

Like Savagshtr said, you can always jump to the big .338's. Obviously recoil is going to be an issue. The 338- RUM, Norma, Lapua, Allen Magnum, Allen AX and a copious other larger .338 with a 250grn (SMK, Hornady BTHP). or 300grn SMK will do the trick.

Remember at extended ranges you will have time to put ear plugs in or put ear muffs on. Shooting these heavy high BC (Ballistic Coefficient) bullets are going to be very high recoiling. You should definitely invest in a good muzzle break which you already said you were going to do. Your current set up sounds really good.

Just make sure that you spend a good deal of time researching and choosing your optics. For shooting long range it is very important to make sure you have a scope that will work well in doing multiple adjustments. I don't know much about Kahle's but I do really like Nikon. I own two Nikon's in the Buckmaster series because I am on a budget. If you are going to look at the higher end Nikon's, let me direct you to research Sightron SIII, Vortex Viper line, Bushnell Elite Tactical series (3200, 4200), Nikon Monarch, and Leupold Vari-X series. All these scopes will work very well.

Hope this helps,
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