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    Mar 13, 2013
    Fellow hunters,

    I write to you to get some advise/tips on which ammo I should use. I recently got me a .300 WSM in a Browing A bolt II Hunter model. I have a Redfield Revenge scope in a 3-9X42mm mounted on this rifle.

    (I have had a .300 win mag in the past when I lived in BC, and used it to hunt grizzly and Elk, never had a problem in the 180 gr rounds.)

    I now live in eastern Ontario and need your expert advise on which rounds to use for: Whitetail deer, Black Bear and Moose which I will be hunting this fall. I will be out on the range scoping my rifle soon.

    Here is the ammo available to me, and if you could tell me what to use for which game it would greatly be appreaciated. I heard it was best to use a heavy grain on deer, as the damage to the deer will be somewhat less...not sure if this is true..??

    Ammo available to me in .300 WSM ammo:

    1. Federal Premium Vital Shok 180 grain Nosler Partition ($54.99)
    2. Winchester Ballistic Silvertip 180 grain ( $43.99)
    3. Barnes VOR-TX 165 grain Tipped TSX BT ($52.99)
    4. Remington Express Core-Lokt 150 grain ($35.99)

    The game:

    Whitetail Deer shots average within 60 to 120 yards.
    Black Bear Shots average 60 to 100 yards.
    Moose shots average within 80 to 300 yards.

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
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  2. J E Custom

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    Jul 29, 2004
    I would probably chose the 180 Ballistic silver tip for several reasons . 180 grain bullet weight,
    Good dependable performance in the 300 WSM, and velocity is normally higher than you can
    load with the 180s because Winchester used propitiatory powder.

    Also it should be good for all of your uses and only one zero would be necessary.

    Just my opinion

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    Sep 19, 2012