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May 14, 2001
Lock Haven P.A.
There are still copies of the Point Blank From Long Range video series left...Video #1 has 11 kill shot's from 400 to 1150 yard's....Video#2 has 10 kill's from 425 yard's to a one shot kill on a 130 Class Pa whitetail at 964 yard's.Video #2 also contain's alot of "HOW TO" footage on the type of gun's used,the type of "BIG EYES" to use.And the different set up's we use in our Long Range Hunting and shooting team...So if you are a LONG TIME longranger or the new guy just starting out these are the video's to get.These are the first of there kind....The video's are $20.00.You can get both for $40.00 + 4.95 SH.....If you live in Pa you must add sales tax.You can get your video's by sending a check or M.O. to Keenvision Video Productions....P.O Box 641.....Avis,Pa...17721....Let them know if you want Vol#1,Vol#2 or both...Vol#3 is already in the making's....Thank's for looking......Boyd Heaton...Team Point Blank...
Boyd that was you in the video!! Awesome video loved it! Any one who is just getting started in the long range sport (me!) will love these videos. The #2 video has alot of information that has helped me out and will you to! The way I looked at it was, can't hurt to start with a video. Great stuff, when is the G hog down videos coming out?
Yep that was me
.....I'm glad you liked it.....338-378 on this forum is the Mastermind behind the Point Blank From Long Range video's.I'm just lucky enough to be a part of them...The GHog video is already in the makings.We are looking for new places to hunt them.Pretty much have them cleaned out around here
.We are gonna have to take this to a higher level.Vol#3 is gonna be better than #2......Getting out of PA for some different animal's in the next one.....We are glad you enjoyed it so much..Stay tuned, LOTS more to come...
Long time no see, Looking forward to getting Vidio #1, That is as soon as the weather worms up and the gas bill goes down. I talked to Boyd last Saterday. We both had crony's out and let's just say I have some reloading work to do!
.I will contact Butch to talk it over with him....And thank you for getting the video's.With some more hard work this thing is gonna take off and the sky is the limit....Thank's again....I'll get back to you soon

Once you guys get your website up and running, let me know. Make up a banner and I will put your banner on my website that links to your site, FREE. If I could charge less, I would.

As far as getting more footage on killing woodchucks, did you save the footage you got last year woodchuck hunting with me? We still have tons of woodchucks here just waiting for you to come and EXPLODE. I only killed 98 last summer

I will have to get with you on the second video - would like to see it.

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