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Dec 6, 2011
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I PCS to Ft. Richardson in a few wks, sheep tags aren't too bad expensive and I'm looking for some more info on hunting them. Anyone know of a good guide in the area? I'm looking for more info on them, whether or not i need a guide to hunt them. I know lots of animals there i have to use a guide. Thanks,
Several rules you will need to abide by;

You must have a guide for Grizzly/Brown Bear, Sheep and Goat until you have lived in Alaska for 12 consecutive months.

In certain areas of Southeast Alaska, you'll need a special permit to hunt black bear without a guide under "non-resident status". Check the regulations or stop by ADF&G office at 333 Raspberry Road in Anchorage for info, 907-267-2257 hunting line.

With your PCS paperwork you can get a "non-resident military license" but will have to show your PCS papers to get the "resident rate". You may qualify for a free license if active duty and you can get the application at Alaska Hunting and Trapping Information, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

You wont find a guided sheep or goat hunt in Alaska for less $7,500.00 per person, wont find a grizzly/brown bear hunt under $9,000.00 per person, and those rates wont include your airfare to/from the guide camp or other transportation, big game tags, etc.

Your best bet as of now is stick to species which require no guides and are relatively inexpensive hunts; Moose, Caribou,Sitka Black tail Deer, Black Bear in most areas.

If you have the fever to hunt and the coin to drop on a guide, research them through ADF&G and some of the local forums, Outdoors Directory is a good Alaska based forum with a few serious hunters on there and a lot of guys full of B/S and hot air. Read wisely and you can sort through all the B/S.

If you have questions and info on hunts you can participate in without a guide drop a PM.
Thanks for the info and upwards of 5k is way over what i have to spend at the time, I'll check into sitka and black bear hunting some more that's much closer to my price range.
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