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May 10, 2009
Just got orders to Ft Wainwright AK. Anybody on here stationed there or live in the Fairbanks area. Interested about the hunting and what I will need.

Thanks Much
I have been stationed in the Army at Ft Wainwright for the last three years and have been in Alaska for about seven years. I have worked as an assistant guide and harvest at least two big game animals every year except when I am deployed.....I guess you can count that year as well! In January I am starting college for a couple years but I will be available to get you started hunting around here and may be available to take you on a couple hunts. When do you plan on getting here? Are you driving or pulling a trailer? Have any room on your trailer? Do you have a family you are bringing up?

Everything cost more in Alaska because companies in the lower 48 charge a ton of money for shipping. Feel free to start emailing me with questions about alaska, ft wainwright, hunting in AK. Everyone up here has opinions about what you need to be successful. I won't sway your opinion too much, just tell you what I do.......and I am an Army guy so I do it cheap. For instance I took three friends goat hunting with me this year. Grand total of $250 each and we harvested 4 Billy goats all over 9". Everyone will tell you to buy an ATV, How many fly in hunts can you do for $6000!

here is my email:
[email protected]
1911 is right on the four wheeler thing when i moved to kodiak everyone said get a four wheeler so i did and i spent 8 grand on mine you can do alot of fly out hunts for that. sure they are fun and its nice to have but if you can do one or the other choose wisley i have done alot of fly outs and use my four wheeler maybe 3 or 4 times a year should have spent the money on more fly outs. if you need more info email me.

The ucsg has a mwr over here and they have boats for rent that are 23ft for the ocean and a guest house alot of ocean fishing here if you need more info let me know!
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